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Amrutasara/Gou Arka

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Amrutasara/Gou Arka


Amrutasara/Gou Arka

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Amrutasara/Gou Arka

Goumutra is the best elixir of all time. Goumutra restores health in earlier days. Consuming goumutra was in practice for the purification both physically and mentally. Goutheertha Arka, the distilled form of the goumutra locks the medicinal values of goumutra which can be consumed for longer time period.

Goutheertha Arka is useful in vata and kapha associated cough, abdominal disorders, worm infestation. Goutheertha Arka is an immuno modulator and a detoxifying agent.

Amrutasara/Gou Arka


Ingredient : Distilled Desi Cow Urine collected at Brahmi Muhurtham.

Dosage : To bo taken in empty stomach Adult : 10ml with 20ml water Child : 1ml to 5ml with 10ml water or as prescribed by the physician.

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